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Swimming Lion

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My very first publication in a magazine was the photo to the left, in the Q&A section of the Summer 2007 edition of BBC Wildlife.

Possibly my single best morning ever on safari was in the Selinda, in northern Botswana in late May 2006.

We had been watching some wild dogs the evening before and set out extremely early one morning to see if we could catch them in the middle of a hunt. By the time we found them they had already made an impala kill, and were mobile through heavy bush. My guide had a good idea where they were heading so set off to try and intercept them but as we came around a bend we spied three lionesses in the long grass across a spillway (a seasonal river that occurs after the rainy season). The leading cat appeared to be heading for the water so we raced to be just across the water from her should she choose to come down for a drink. To our surprise and immense delight she wanted no drink but to cross the water. Her two sisters followed a couple of minutes later, all emerging just meters behind our vehicle before running friskily into the bush. To complete the morning, moments later a wild dog sped by in hot but inevitably fruitless pursuit of an impala.

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Being in the field 200plus days of my year I find this single picture extraordinary, I envey you well done.

Posted by Rod Cassidy on
Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 09:49am | #3478

PG, great stuff and congrats on the BBC Wildlife achievement - much deserved. Do touch base, wondering where you are! Alex

Posted by Alex Blok on
Thursday, 11.29.07 @ 20:58pm | #15560

hi per

loving this image really unique! and to capture it in the moment.... excellent.... cgrats on the magazine too...

my pics are up too....

Posted by adrian jai on
Monday, 12.3.07 @ 09:25am | #16272

i enjoyed everything i watched

Posted by Geoffrey Kwarula on
Tuesday, 04.22.08 @ 12:45pm | #43097


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